What Do Felix Homes and Toilet Paper Have In Common?

Guerrilla Marketing in Nashville, Felix Homes toilet papers

Think of all the ads you’ve seen today. Do any brands actually stand out? I bet you can’t name a single ad you remember? Facebook ads, Google AdWords, digital media ads, none of them are effective! In order to command someone’s attention in today’s tidal wave of content, you need to think outside the box to make an impact.

That’s why at Felix Homes, we ordered and deployed 10,000 rolls of toilet paper throughout the city of Nashville to promote the launch of our new service, the 1% listing fee!

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Ideation Phase

Coming up with an effective guerrilla marketing campaign isn’t easy. The best ideas take time and a lot of creative juices. Let’s face it, we all do #2 and when we do, most of us are on our phones, checking Instagram, Snapchat, or even doing a little online shopping (I’m talking to you, Karen). So why not leverage the element of surprise during a time when our attention is focused on one thing…wiping our butts.

Planning Phase

Planning the toilet paper campaign was fairly simple. It consisted of creating an effective design and slogan that would be printed on 10,000 rolls. Once the design was approved, ordering the tp was as easy as making an Alibaba account, messaging 10 Chinese vendors to get the cheapest price, and hoping for the best. The toilet paper took about 2 weeks to produce and before we knew it, there were 10,000 rolls flying over our heads on their very own private flight to Nashville, TN.

The tp wasn’t the only thing that had to get to Nashville, our entire marketing team was headed there as well to do something they probably never thought was in the job description; deploying 10,000 rolls of toilet paper in hundreds of public bathrooms. There was still a lot of work to be done, such as coming up with a deployment strategy and figuring out how we sneak thousands of rolls into hundreds of bathrooms.

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Execution Phase

Our team arrived in Nashville on May 6th. The sole goal, deploy all 10,000 rolls of toilet paper in one week. We started out in the suburbs focusing on strip malls. Our first few rolls went in a Walmart which was located in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, a suburb about 20 minutes from downtown Nashville. After the first day, we only got rid of about 200 rolls. We thought, are we in over our heads? Is it even possible to hand out 10,000 rolls in a single week? We had a long way to go and desperately needed a new strategy because going from strip mall to strip mall took way to long. We needed more density.

The plan for day two was to focus exclusively on large indoor malls, you know, the kind with a food court, stores like Abercrombie and hundreds of people. Folks were sure to use our toilet paper after eating at Burger King in the food court right? The plan was working, people started coming to our website in droves, one #2 at a time.

For day 3, we set our sites even higher, changing up the strategy once again after a late-night brainstorming session at one of Nashville’s finest establishments: Hattie B’s. The goal for day three was to deploy 2,000 rolls which may have seemed impossible after our subpar performance on the first day but we had a plan. What was the plan you ask? Where is one place you’re guaranteed to use the bathroom every day: at work. We headed to downtown Nashville to pay a visit to companies like Pinnacle, Bridgestone, Alliance Bernstein, Smile Direct Club, and Warby Parker. Going from skyrise to skyrise. The plan was coming together. By mid-day, we were on track to hit our goal and 2,000 rolls later, we finally did!

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